As the virus continues to sweep across the world, we have put together essential resources for those interested in tackling the coronavirus infodemic. On this page, you can find information on what the online platforms are doing to combat coronavirus mis and disinformation. You can find content on the narratives, trends, and strategies defining the infodemic, whether that’s via our weekly Disinfo Updates or research. Moreover, we have dedicated sections on free tools to use, commentary on the infodemic, as well as its impact on our societies. 

This page will be updated regularly. All resources are also available to view in this spreadsheet

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As the infodemic captures the world, old and new conspiracy theories find a way to take over the public debate. Thanks to our monitoring of independently fact-checked disinformation from France, Italy, and Spain, we have noticed that similar patterns are emerging regarding the types of conspiracy theories deliberately related to COVID-19.


Online Platforms' responses to the infodemic

Governmental Initiatives tackling the infodemic

Fact-checking & Journalism

Investigative Research


Tools free to use

Impact of the Infodemic

Covid-19 was created in a laboratory 

5G & Covid-19

Chloroquine as a cure

Societal effects