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Warm welcome to the Climate Clarity Hub, a platform that consolidates knowledge and expertise on climate mis/disinformation. We want to confront climate pessimism, call for action, sharing knowledge, analysis, content, resources, anecdotes both from an ecological activism perspective and within the counter-disinformation community. Read on!

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Heated News

Godfathers of climate chaos

The UN chief urges world’s governments, news media and tech companies to ban advertising from fossil fuel companies to stop greenwashing campaigns.

Cleaning the climate advertising industry

This EU DisinfoLab webinar featuring top expert, Duncan Meisel, co-founder of Clean Creatives sheds light on the world’s most powerful creative and reputation/PR management agencies, their connections to Big Oil and their techniques to delay and deny climate solutions.

What the shell!

Badvertising has launched a useful spotter’s guide to oils lies.

Unmasking the roadblocks: Your ultimate guide to climate action obstruction in your country

Climate Obstruction Across Europe is a newly published book by the Climate Social Science Network. It offers the first comprehensive mapping of climate obstruction across Europe.

Halt the Hate: safeguarding Spanish climate advocates from harassment and falsehoods

Several journalists and a physicist from Spain have launched a manifesto against the rise of climate denialism, polarisation and hatred on social networks.

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Last updated: 07/06/2024

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