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As an independent non-profit organisation, EU DisinfoLab gathers knowledge and expertise on disinformation in Europe. Through putting together research, investigative work and policy acumen, EU DisinfoLab is an active member of, and supports, a passionate and vast community that helps to detect, tackle, and prevent information disorders endangering citizens’ integrity, peaceful coexistence and democratic values.

What we do


We continuously monitor disinformation activities across the major platforms (digital and traditional), identify trends and threats, alert activists and researchers to these, and make our resource pool widely available to collaborators.

Knowledge sharing

We develop and maintain an independent European platform on disinformation, providing experts with tools and resources to encourage collaboration. We collect and organise critical information, findings, tools and other resources useful for activists and experts.


We regularly make policy recommendations at the EU level and to Member States based on our own analyses, and help other activists ensure that their advocacy efforts are grounded in sound analyses.


We organise regular events, including an annual conference, webinars, and workshops, which collectively assemble researchers and experts to share experiences and tools, plan collaborations, and keep abreast of critical developments in the field.

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Our Webinars

Our webinars on a wide range of timely topics give voice to experts from our valued community. Sign up for the upcoming ones, and watch the recordings of the past ones!

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Blog Posts

Despite a range of responses from key stakeholders, including sanctions and legal actions, the Doppelganger operation, now in its second year, persists.


In this edition, we reflect on past elections, explore how to protect future ones from disinformation, examine online platforms’ handling of election misinformation and political ads, and discuss the impact of AI deepfakes and false narratives on voter trust.


What are the capabilities of state-of-the-art AI in generating disinformation? What about the innovative AI technologies being developed to detect and combat it?

Technical Documents

This factsheet delves into platform policies on election misinformation, focusing on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and X.

Technical Documents

This factsheet delves into how some of the main platforms approach AI-manipulated or AI-generated content in their terms of use, exploring how they address its potential risk of becoming mis- and disinformation.


Warm welcome to the Climate Clarity Hub, a platform that consolidates knowledge and expertise on climate mis/disinformation.

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