Disinfo Update 28/11/2023

In this edition of Disinfo Update, we revisit the captivating insights from #Disinfo2023 sessions, and prepare for a deep dive into disinformation in European countries, exploring its impact on elections.

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Previous editions

In this edition of Disinfo Update, we build the Doppelganger reflection, launch a low-tech solution to unite the counter-disinfo community on new rising social media platforms, and walk down the #Disinfo2023 memory lane.
In this edition of Disinfo Update, we attempt to dissect the surge of disinformation around the Israel-Hamas armed conflict, take a peek into the cauldron of DSA discussions and deliberations, and more.
Thrilled to announce that the #Disinfo2023 final programme is now ready! We’re expecting a robust turnout, with over 350 participants slated to join us.
2024, the year of many elections, is drawing inexorably closer. More about the impact of social media, algorithms, AI, and disinformation on the election results in this edition of Disinfo Update.
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In this Disinfo Update, you’ll find some intriguing news about Doppeganger resurging, this time in France, and we’re bursting with excitement as we finally present the long-awaited draft programme for our EU DisinfoLab Annual Conference 2023!
This Disinfo Update plunges into the European sphere, from the European elections dates to the 5th birthday of the GDPR & the record fine of Meta, Twitter being out of the Code of Practice on disinformation and of course the EMFA and DSA files.