As an independent non-profit organisation, EU DisinfoLab gathers knowledge and expertise on disinformation in Europe. Through putting together research, investigative work and policy acumen, EU DisinfoLab is an active member of, and supports, a passionate and vast community that helps to detect, tackle, and prevent information disorders endangering citizens’ integrity, peaceful coexistence and democratic values.

Our vision

We imagine a society in which every citizen: 

What we believe in


We develop and maintain our independence in action and decision. Our editorial choices and policy positions reflect what we think the community countering disinformation could focus on to have a bigger impact. We build our work with credibility and unbiased analysis.

Listening & Learning

We acknowledge that disinformation is a complex phenomenon, and we work hard, with humility, to comprehend what is happening. We have been building our expertise by listening to global and local experts from different backgrounds. We also use these skills to remain agile against the fast-moving pace of disinformation development.

Collective action

We believe that only collective action can overcome the many challenges of disinformation. We bring together different stakeholders, from civil society to governments, from the tech industry to the media ecosystem, so that we can discuss and find solutions together.


Disinformation is putting pressure on our democratic systems and values. But we are inspired by the courage of people speaking out against abuses. We think we can drive change and have an impact. We are not afraid of taking strong positions and exposing behaviours that endanger citizens’ integrity, peaceful coexistence and democratic values.

What we do

Our mission

The mission of the EU DisinfoLab (EUDL) is to expose disinformation campaigns, raise awareness around disinformation issues and gather and support civil society resilience to disinformation to foster a stronger information ecosystem. Fulfilling this mission requires resources that allow the EUDL to maintain its independence and provide objective and truthful assessments of the many different threats of misinformation that disrupt civil and rational political discourse.

Financial support is needed to fund our research, prepare reports, and respond to attacks from the perpetrators we expose in our efforts to provide this badly needed public service. Tackling disinformation is an expensive task and comes with a large diversity of risks for the organisation, its board members, and its staff. We not only need funding, but we need funding sources that share our mission to maintain our independence to not become another mouthpiece for a particular or partisan political agenda.

Find more about our fundraising guidelines here.

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