Disinfo Update 31/05/2023

This Disinfo Update plunges into the European sphere, from the European elections dates to the 5th birthday of the GDPR & the record fine of Meta, Twitter being out of the Code of Practice on disinformation and of course the EMFA and DSA files. Beyond the European bubble, you’ll find out more on the latest paper on the misunderstanding of misinformation, and more.


Disinfo Update 16/05/2023

In this Disinfo Update we dive into our four new disinfo landscape factsheets, revisit the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) and the media exemption that threatens to render void the progress done in the Digital Services Act (DSA) for tackling disinformation, and more.


Disinfo Update 04/05/2023

This Disinfo Update plunges into #Disinfo2023, climate change disinformation, Guidelines for public interest OSINT investigations, and of course the endlessly fascinating scene of EU policies, featuring EMFA, DSA, AI Act, and the Defence of Democracy Package.