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Facebook attracts an angry audience

new report of NewsWhip shows the effects of the new algorithms of Facebook. Findings reveal that “Angry” is the top reaction when it comes to politics content and generally, the engagement is much higher than in 2018. On the algorithm matter, Facebook algorithm personalisation has been discussed during DisinfoLab webinar with Facebook Tracking Exposed. A summary will soon be available on our website.

Authoritarian regimes ready for the New Age of Warfare

The man in charge of Saudi Arabia’s campaign to stifle dissent took actions to spy on people he was considering as threats to the kingdom. Today, in this new age of warfare, internet mercenaries battle for authoritarian government by seizing on the tools for darker purposes.In addition, a report by Reporters Without Borders investigates Beijing’s strategy to control information beyond its borders, which is being a threat for journalism and is challenging western liberal democracy more and more.

EU elections

Good, but can do better

After publishing the second monthly intermediate results of the EU Code of Practice against disinformation, the European Commission urges major social media platforms to take further measures. Although delivering good results, the platforms are now demanded to show key performance indicators and to ban fake accounts in order to prevent the spread of disinformation before the upcoming EU elections.

Moreover, the European Council has adopted its Conclusions on securing free and fair elections and fighting disinformation and urges online platforms and social networks to fully implement the Code of Practice and ensure higher standards of responsibility and transparency.

Spain is getting ready for the elections period

A team of 100 officers from the Spanish Ministry of Interior will scour social networks and the so-called deep-web from early April to fight intentionally misleading or wrongful information before, during or after national and European elections.

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Congratulations to DW InnovationFraun Hofer, and iLab ATC: their project on audio deepfake detection has been awarded by DNI Fund of Google. Here you can find all the DNI-funded projects.

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