June 26, 2023

Author and affiliation: Brock Mays, Fulbright Researcher, affiliated with Vilnius University; PhD Student, University of Colorado Boulder

Reviewers and affiliation: Dr. Nerijus Maliukevičius, Vilnius University International Relations and Political Science Institute (TSPMI:  VU Tarptautinių santykių ir politikos mokslų institutas) and Dr. Viktor Denisenko, General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania.


  • As Lithuania has a long history of dealing with Russian aggression, it is literally and figuratively on the frontlines combatting Kremlin disinformation and propaganda. 
  • Lithuania is home to many leading experts, volunteers, NGOs, and other institutions fighting disinformation and is a successful example of how to combat disinformation.
  • A majority of the disinformation encountered in Lithuania is Russian in origin and is intended for international audiences to undermine NATO, the EU, and the West in general while promoting Russian legitimacy and authority.

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