September 19, 2023

Author and affiliation: Monika Hanley, former Fulbright Scholar at NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, associate at The Center for Media Literacy

Reviewer and affiliation: Solvita Denisa-Liepniece, Baltic Centre for Media Excellence (BCME)


  • With a history of confronting Russian aggression, Latvia stands at the forefront in countering Kremlin disinformation and propaganda, both in practical and ideological terms.
  • Within Latvia’s borders, a wealth of leading experts, committed volunteers, and reputable NGOs actively combat disinformation, showcasing successful models of countering false narratives.
  • Most disinformation encountered in Latvia originates from Kremlin-related sources and is strategically aimed at undermining NATO, the EU, and Western institutions while bolstering Russia’s credibility and influence on the global stage.
  • In 2021, Latvia became the first Baltic State to convict an individual for spreading false information online.

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