27 February 2024, 14:30-15:30 CET

In our webinar on 27 February, Recorded Future’s Brian Liston shared an overview of their new research into the evolution of the Russia-linked malign influence network called Doppelganger, including insights into sophisticated tactics and inauthentic behavior aimed at sowing discord in social media across international audiences, the incorporation of new infrastructure and advanced obfuscation techniques, and at least partial adoption of generative AI for malicious use.

Watch the replay of this webinar on our YouTube channel:


Brian Liston, Recorded Future

Brian Liston is a Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst at the Boston, Massachusetts-based intelligence company Recorded Future. For over four years, he has specialised in researching Russian malign influence operations, propaganda, and disinformation. His other interests include conducting open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations, Eastern European politics, and international election security. He holds a master’s degree in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh.


Alexandre Alaphilippe, EU DisinfoLab

Alexandre is the Executive director and co-founder of the EU DisinfoLab. Since 2017, he has coordinated work on some of the organisation’s largest investigations into Information Operations linked to Russia, India and China. In 2022, he led the exposure of Doppelganger, which has been labeled as one of the largest information operation from Russia in the past years. He is a member of a number of working groups in Brussels and Washington DC linked to platform regulation, transatlantic relations, and hybrid threats, where he emphasises the role of civil society in maintaining democratic values. He has published papers for the Brookings Institution and his work has been featured on CNN, BBC, Le Monde and Politico.

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