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Elections coming, ads leaving 

Facebook has recently tightened its rules around political ads ahead of the EU elections, and planned to ban cross-border political advertising between European countries. In consequence, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission have called on Facebook to change its rules to recognise the EU as one political space. The leaders of European parties echoed frustration about the actions of Facebook. For instance, Guy Verhofstadt, President of the ALDE group,warned that the ban could “kill pan-European democracy”.

It’s Mueller’s time!

The Mueller report, released last Thursday, revealed how Donald Trump tried to get fired the man appointed to investigate his links to Russia. Mueller’s investigation also found that Russia was backing a $35 million operation to meddle with US politics through social media. At the same time, it could not reach a concrete legal conclusion on whether President Trump has tried to obstruct the investigation. Politico magazine has published the opinions of legal experts and analysts weighing the special counsel’s findings and conclusions against the President’s claims about his campaign’s behavior with the Russians.

Hoaxes around the Lady of Paris

Last week, following the fire of Notre Dame, YouTube has erroneously shown the 9/11 link on live videos of Notre Dame fire. Underneath live streams from CBS, NBC News, and France 24 viewers saw an explainer for the September 11th, 2001 attacks. Moreover, as the cathedral burned, hoaxes, conspiracy theories, and coordinated disinformation campaigns began to spread across different social media platforms. A cooperation of European fact checkers has proven wrong a number of  false information around the fire.

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