Preparing the ground for the Digital Services Act

In light of the prospective Digital Services Act (DSA), EDiMA — the trade association that represents the online platforms in Europe — has written to the European Commission to ensure the tech giants won’t be held liable for harmful content hosted on their platforms. In its letter, EDiMA argues for differentiation between liability and responsibility by putting forward an “Online Responsibility Framework,” but EDiMA does accept that some form of oversight is needed. According to Euractiv, adopting a common European approach to illegal content online won’t be easy, since varied Member State interpretations on the concept have been recently manifesting.

Fanning the bushfires

The Australian bushfires have birthed an abundance of disinformation and conspiracies. Within this, counter-narratives have been circulating online centred on the idea climate change isn’t the cause, but instead, arsonists and green activists are to blame for the fires. Such disinformation has been fanned by Twitter bots and trolls, according to research by Dr. Timothy Graham from Queensland University of Technology. In this context, The Guardian reported on how digital experts feel that this disinformation is yet more evidence that social media platforms are failing in their duty to act responsibly.

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