Update : Read the summary article of the conference following this link.

Along two days, this conference will explore the phenomenon of disinformation and information disorder, from its roots to technical and regulatory responses. The event will gather the community of experts working on disinformation, people who concretely build tools to create knowledge and cross-expertise.

During the conference, many of these initiatives will be presented, as well as concrete case studies of disinformation campaigns and civil society initiatives responding to this phenomenon. 

Don’t miss the opening keynote live from Renée di Resta (New Knowledge) and the contributions of renowned experts such as Nick Waters (Belllingcat), Guillaume Chaslot (AlgoTransparency), Pierre Haski (Reporters Without Borders) or Camille Francois (Graphika)… among many others.

28-29 May
Renaissance Brussels Hotel
19 Rue du Parnasse
1050 Brussels