The disinformation landscape in Spain

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Research is a core part of what we do. It involves identifying, uncovering, and explaining disinformation campaigns and networks, using open source investigation techniques (OSINT) and social media network analysis methodologies. We disseminate our findings via our partnerships with the media and leading experts in the field.

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By Kalina Bontcheva, University of Sheffield The COVID-19 pandemic and related infodemic uncovered a wide range of weaknesses in their policies and actions towards tackling viral and harmful misinformation on COVID-19, which ranged widely from false cures to anti-vax narratives.  Specifically, our research (available from our COVID-19 Resource Hub) in the past two years uncovered a number of issues: Failure of platforms’ content moderation actions, in breach of their own policies, where we reviewed Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.  Inadequate enforcement of platform policies in smaller countries and non-English languages, where we studied France, Bulgaria, and the Philippines, as well as making cross-country/language comparisons.