EU DisinfoLab’s mission is to raise awareness on disinformation and the manipulation of information and contribute to a better information landscape

What do we advocate for?

How we pursue our mission


We monitor key policies and legal developments in Europe and relay this information to our community


We provide policy recommendations grounded in our research and analyses


We organise events and workshops to bridge between politicians and disinformation experts


We meet with policymakers and officials to raise awareness of the latest disinformation trends and developments

Policy Positions

On 29 May 2021, a New York Times article indicated that EU DisinfoLab was one of the targets of a cyberattack. EU DisinfoLab confirms that on 25 May 2021, around 16:00 CEST, EU DisinfoLab received an email allegedly sent by USAID, which has since been identified by several cybersecurity companies as a cyberattack using phishing tactics.