November 12, 2019

by Raquel Miguel

Voter suppression in the November 2019 Spanish general election

Recent investigations conducted by El País and (articles in Spanish) revealed voter suppression campaigns that had been active before the official start of the campaign on 1st November.

We took the initiative to summarise their findings, which you can read here.

Key takeaways:

  • The campaigns spread their messages by targeting citizens with advertisements on fake Facebook pages and by placing posters on the streets of left-leaning cities.
  • Some advertisements were critical of socialist party PSOE, left-wing Unidas Podemos, centre-right Ciudadanos, and the far-right VOX party. 
  • Other advertisements encouraged abstention from voting by the use of fake appeals from Ciudadanos, PSOE, Unidas Podemos, and Más País.  
  • The investigations alluded to the possibility that associates of right-wing Popular Party may have been responsible for the campaigns.