June 7, 2022

By Claire Pershan, EU DisinfoLab, and Rita Jonusaite, Advocacy Coordinator at EU DisinfoLab

This User-Guide to the upcoming EU Digital Services Act (DSA) is EU DisinfoLab’s first Technical Document, a new publications category that will bring you technical and practical knowledge on specific issues. The purpose of this DSA User-Guide is to answer all the questions you might have about this upcoming groundbreaking law on internet safety and platform accountability.

Disclaimer: The broad political agreement on the Digital Services Act was reached in April 2022 and just voted into law. This document is based on EU DisinfoLab’s current understanding of the text. There are still some uncertainties and questions, and EU DisinfoLab will update this document appropriately as our understanding evolves.

Latest update: 20/10/2022