June 26, 2023

Author and affiliation: Dimitris Dimitriadis, freelance investigative journalist

Reviewer and affiliation:  Thomas Siomos, Aristotle University  of Thessaloniki 


  • Disinformation in Greece is not a fringe phenomenon – fact-checkers routinely flag some of the country’s most popular news websites.
  • The tragic train crash of 28 February 2023, the war in Ukraine, and the COVID-19 pandemic are some of the most popular subjects fuelling disinformation.
  • The challenge is amplified by endemically low trust in the media, a shortage of independent media and declining press freedoms, and a decade of harsh austerity, which brought the collapse of advertising revenue and drove media outlets towards ‘clickbait’ business models. The 2023 World Press Freedom Index placed Greece in 107th position, the lowest among any European country, mainly citing the corrosive role of the “eavesdropping scandal”. 

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