September 30, 2021

EU DisinfoLab is delighted to announce that a new board of directors has been appointed on 30th June 2021. The board will be led by Diana Wallis, former Vice-President of the European Parliament. Deeply engaged for transparency and accountability of democratic institutions, Diana Wallis brings to EU DisinfoLab her experience of the European Institutions. As former President of the European law Institute, she will also support the organisation with insights on the development of European law and legal policy issues.

She is joined by Gregory Rohde, a 25-year experienced policy expert in telecommunications. Mr Rohde is based in Washington DC and brings his experience in technology-related policy issues in the US and the EU context.

Also joining the board is Mrs Camille François, a global expert on disinformation. Ms François is currently Chair of the Advisory Board at Graphika and has worked on detecting and mitigating disinformation, media manipulation, and harassment. For Diana Wallis and Gregory Rohde, Camille François will bring to the EU DisinfoLab “her knowledge of exposing complex and international disinformation campaigns”.

“A thriving and global ecosystem of civil society organisations must be part of the disinformation defence strategy,” said Diana Wallis, chair of the new board of Directors. “EU DisinfoLab plays a critical role in researching disinformation, exposing online manipulations, developing EU policy recommendations, and fostering a stronger information environment. We’re thrilled to be able to support these efforts.”