Avaaz/EU DisinfoLab Webinar

On Thursday 19 November, the EU DisinfoLab held a webinar with Avaaz. We discussed the US elections, Avaaz’s new research on the loopholes around Facebook’s enforcement mechanisms, and the implications for regulatory solutions in the EU.

Watch the replay of our session.

Read the Twitter thread summary.

Sarah Andrew
Legal Director of the Avaaz anti-disinformation project, based in London, with 30 years experience as a media and human rights lawyer in broadcast and online content. Sarah is a former regulator, as Head of Online Standards at Ofcom until 2016, during which time Sarah led the UK Council for Child Internet Safety working group creating social media guidelines.  

Christoph Schott
Based in Berlin, Christoph Schott is a Campaign Director at Avaaz. Since 2019 he has led the organisations effort to research, report and counter misinformation online, from uncovering vast networks of deception ahead of the EU elections to showing how Facebook is failing its own fact-checking policies. He also loves to travel to Brussels for public stunts with a giant Zuckerberg’s cardboard head, or to participate in policy discussions on how to counter viral lies.