6 June, 15:00 – 16:00 CEST

This session with Duncan Meissel from Clean Creative will explore the intersection of advertising and sustainability.

During his presentation, Duncan will guide us through the corridors of the world’s most powerful creative and reputation/PR management agencies, revealing the extent of their connections to Big Oil, and uncovering their techniques to delay and deny climate solutions. Additionally, our guest will chronicle the efforts of a new generation of environmentally aware actors pushing toward sustainability free of misleading claims.

Join us to learn what the ‘The F List’ is, the dangers of fossil fuel marketing and PR with misleading claims about climate change, and much more.


Duncan Meisel, Clean Creatives

As Executive Director of Clean Creatives, Duncan Meisel has led a high-profile conversation about how the advertising and PR industry should end its relationships with fossil fuel clients, leading to major policy changes at some of the biggest ad and PR firms in the world. He has been named as one of Adweek’s Young Influentials, PRovoke Media’s Innovator 25, Adweek Sustainability Leaders, and Campaign’s Top 10 Trailblazers. Prior to Clean Creatives, he worked as a digital strategist for climate justice organizations, political candidates, and human rights campaigns. He lives in his hometown of Austin, Texas.


Ana Romero-Vicente, EU DisinfoLab

Ana Romero-Vicente works as a researcher at EU DisinfoLab, where she analyses and counters disinformation from different angles. She is apprised of the Spanish disinformation landscape and has published several international investigations on the monetisation of disinformation. She currently addresses mis/disinformation about climate change and monitors audio-visual social networks such as YouTube and TikTok. With a master’s degree in Journalism, Ana’s professional profile has always been very versatile. She has worked as a financial journalist, has been involved in EU Election Observation Missions and worked as a communication expert for EU-funded projects during her stay of 14 years in Brussels.

This discussion is part of the Climate Clarity Hub, developed by EU DisinfoLab with the contribution of Heinrich Böll Foundation.

The opinions expressed are those of the speakers/authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of EU DisinfoLab. This webinar does not represent an endorsement by EU DisinfoLab of any organisation.