4 July, 14:30 – 15:30 CEST

In an increasingly interconnected world, brands are more vulnerable than ever to disinformation campaigns that can tarnish their reputation and erode consumer trust. In this session, we explore with Rafi Mendelsohn, VP of Cyabra, the evolving landscape of brand disinformation, uncovering the tactics used to target companies on social media and the profound implications for their reputation and market position.

The session explores the key areas of understanding the various tactics used to spread disinformation about brands, insights into how these tactics are deployed across different social media platforms, and analysis of the key actors behind these campaigns, from disgruntled consumers and competitors to state-sponsored entities. Through in-depth case studies, we’ll examine specific instances where brands were targeted by disinformation and discuss countermeasures and strategies, including best practices for monitoring and responding to disinformation, building resilience through proactive reputation management, and employing technology, public relations, and legal actions to defend against these threats.

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Rafi Mendelsohn, Cyabra

Rafi Mendelsohn represents Cyabra, whose AI shields companies and the public sector from disinformation threats by uncovering malicious actors, bot networks, and GenAI content.

As a VP of the company, Rafi briefs business leaders, journalists, and politicians on the growing pervasive challenge of protecting public discourse from the disruptive impacts of malicious actors operating on social media.


Ana Romero-Vicente, EU DisinfoLab

Ana Romero-Vicente works as a researcher at EU DisinfoLab, where she analyses and counters disinformation from different angles. She is apprised of the Spanish disinformation landscape and has published several international investigations on the monetisation of disinformation. She currently addresses mis/disinformation about climate change and monitors audio-visual social networks such as YouTube and TikTok. With a master’s degree in Journalism, Ana’s professional profile has always been very versatile. She has worked as a financial journalist, has been involved in EU Election Observation Missions and worked as a communication expert for EU-funded projects during her stay of 14 years in Brussels.

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