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Contribute to building a community of disinformation experts and activists, with the aim of fostering multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation.

Intermediate between policymakers, experts, and activists, so that sustainable solutions can be found quicker.

Keep our community well-informed of what's going on in the disinformation sphere.


Our annual conference, workshops, and seminars bring together a community of experts and shine spotlight on the latest innovation and developments in the field of disinformation.

EU DisinfoLab’s Annual Conference #Disinfo2021

Disinfo Update 21/03/2023


Our weekly digest ensures that our readers are kept abreast of key political, legal, and technological developments relevant to the world of disinformation.


Our regular webinars bring emerging research and ideas to the forefront to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration and ensure that our community is up-to-date with critical developments in the field.

Monetizing Misogyny: How does media spread gender-based disinformation & hate online in Italy & Hungary?

Open Your Eyes – EU DisinfoLab Conference

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