October 26, 2021
October 27, 2021
Brussels, Belgium

SAVE THE DATE! #Disinfo2021: October 26 & 27

EU DisinfoLab’s annual conference will take place this year on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 26 and 27. We are currently planning an in-person event here in Brussels at the Renaissance Brussels Hote. However if the sanitary measures do not allow for a physical conference, we will hold a virtual event at the same time.

Pre-Registration will be opened in the May and announced via our weekly newsletter.

A draft of the programme is available below. This is liable to change between now and the conference.

Tuesday, October 26

Keynote: Eliot Higgins, Founder of Bellingcat

Presentation: Influence Operations Case Study

Panel Discussion: Disinfo for Hire: micro-influencers, troll armies, and influence buying in the modern disinformation economy.

Disinformation is a lucrative business and often outsourced for and performed by skilled professionals

Panel Discussion: January 6 and the Rest of the World

When he was deplatformed by US social media companies, the former US president had been a “superspreader in chief. But how have platforms dealt with disinformation coming from the political ranks in other countries? What precedent is set, and what are the consequences of platforms’ differential actions according to political context, language-market, etc.

Presentations: Measuring the Impact of Disinformation

Presentations: Disinformation and Human Rights

Social Event

Wednesday, October 27

Panel Discussion: Facing Disinformation as a Cybersecurity Threat

Because disinformation is by nature an online risk, it is a challenge for our cybersecurity governance and ecosystem to address. In order to fully safeguard our digital infrastructure, preserve information security, and guarantee a safe and trustworthy online environment, stakeholders must come together to address disinformation and cybersecurity in same breath.

Presentations: Disinformation and Artificial Intellingence: a critical look at software solutions

Presentations: Climate Change and Anti-Science Disinformation

Panel Discussion: OSINT’s Biggest Challenges – from Authenticity, to Accountability, to Attribution.

In a conversation about some of the biggest challenges facing the field of OSINT today, we hope to find our footing on pressing issues related to transparency, accountability, information sharing, data protection, and sanctions for repeat perpetrators of disinformation. We will also discuss OSINT’s relationship to adjacent fields like journalism, intelligence, and policing.

Panel Discussion: Advocacy

Closing Keynote