Tools to Monitor Disinformation

Are you looking for tools to fact-check online information or assess the potential manipulation of online posts? These tools might be handy for you.

Please be reminded that, when using these tools, you are solely responsible for their use and that you need to respect their terms of use, as well as regulations applicable to personal data (e.g. GDPR in the European Union).

This list will be updated on a regular basis.

Social media analysis – Free tools


  • CrowdTangle plug-in: this plug-in allows you to understand which Facebook pages have shared a website/link on social media as well as the interactions metrics of these shares.
    • CrowdTangle is also a social network analytics platform only at the disposal of journalists and research organisms.
  • Facebook Transparency Ads: check what political ads were published and who paid for them, with metrics attached (available in limited countries, including USA, the EU, India, and Israel).



  • Google Transparency Ads Database: check what kind of political advertisements are on Google and YouTube and who paid for them (including USA, the EU, and India).



Fact-checking and attribution

OSINT Useful resources: