Collaboration with Dr Guillaume Chaslot

The EU DisinfoLab is proud to announce the commencement of collaboration with Dr Guillaume Chaslot, founder of AlgoTransparency and former Google software engineer, which will initially focus on sharing of data and expertise to fight disinformation.

Dr Chaslot is a researcher and expert on search algorithms. He has improved YouTube’s recommendation engine and the effectiveness of Brand Advertisement while at Google, having earlier worked on AI at Microsoft.

He currently heads AlgoTransparency, a project revealing the mechanics behind YouTube’s algorithms and exposing their impact on the information that society receives.

Dr Chaslot’s and EU DisinfoLab’s visions converged in the support of civil society’s development of new initiatives and tools, letting us better understand how disinformation spreads and counter it. A particular focus will be given to the possible correlation between astroturfing campaigns on Twitter and YouTube’s recommendation algorithm.

“What matters with social media is to get viral, and it is easier to get viral by inventing stories than accurately reporting the news. Since there are no mechanisms decreasing the spread of false information, this can be used to conduct highly-dangerous disinformation campaigns.”

– Dr Guillaume Chaslot at 2018 Brussels DisinfoLab, 11/04/2018