13/03/2018: Launch of the Transatlantic Forum on Disinformation

13/03/2018, for immediate release

 Launch of the Transatlantic Forum on Disinformation (TFD)

Disinformation: a threat to democracy

50.000 bots. This is the number of fake accounts activated on Twitter during the 2016 US election period to mud the waters of the public debate. From the results of UK’s Brexit referendum to the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, conducted under suspicion of foreign meddling, to the fake media leaks during the run-up to the French presidential election, the disruptive power of disinformation is now more than evident, identified as one of the main threats to open societies.

A fight on computational propaganda to preserve democratic values

From journalists and fact-checkers, assessing whether information has been manipulated or not, through social media companies and platforms providing data on how disinformation is channeled and distributed, to academics and civil society helping democracies build resilience to this phenomenon, responsibility must be shared among all those committed to live in open societies. Cooperation and joint action is therefore the most effective and efficient way to preserve our democratic values.

A global problem requiring a local approach

With disinformation warfare mushrooming on both sides of the ocean, it is of utter importance to call for much closer cooperation between US and European experts working on this issue. That’s why the Atlantic Council, the Center for New American Security and the EU DisinfoLab are pleased to announce the launch of the joint Transatlantic Forum on Disinformation (TFD) group.

This new expert group, which is expanding to include both US and European experts, will serve as an informal space to discuss research, articles, current affairs, upcoming events, and opportunities for collaboration in the disinformation space. It will also offer a platform for cooperation between ongoing initiatives and projects, like EU DisinfoLab’s social network analysis (SNA) methodology and disinformation monitoring program, currently focused on Italy and soon expanding to other territories.


Atlantic Council


The Atlantic Council is an American think tank based in Washington, DC and focused on international affairs.


In 2017, it organized the DisinfoWeek and Stratcom DC, two events aiming to gather top global experts on disinformation from Western countries.


Contact: Geysha Gonzalez, Associate Director, Eurasia Center

EU DisinfoLab


The EU DisinfoLab is an international NGO gathering top European experts in fighting disinformation. It also brings new tools to the fight: innovative methodology of social network analysis, letting its experts map suspicious online communities and source fake news.

The EU Disinfolab team has been internationally recognized for sourcing live the infamous #MacronLeaks during the French presidential elections.

Contact: info@disinfo.eu

Center for New American Security


The Center for New American Security is a US think tank based in Washington and focused on global security issues.


Its expertise in cybersecurity and irregular warfare will be crucial following the latest trends of computational propaganda.


Contact: Loren DeJonge Schulman, Deputy Director of Studies


Are you a fake news expert, academic or otherwise professionally involved with disinformation? ​Contact one of our teams (depending on your location) with a short bio / a few words on how you can contribute and we’ll be happy to invite you in.

T​hink someone else should be included? Feel free to share their name with ​us and we will ​have a look right away.

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